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Proper Maintenance means keeping your system running at peak performance while keeping you as comfortable as possible, saving you money and making less pollution and less waste.  Our comprehensive services are the best way to maintain and clean your system.  Our meticulous record keeping shows your system's track record and lets us both know when parts are slowly performing at less than peak performance.  Higher Efficiency of the unit = less energy consumption and lower energy bills!

Preventative maintenance means staying warm on the coldest winter night when the unit has the highest percentage of failure.  If a part is slowly wearing out, the extreme cold or heat of summer can be the last straw.  Thus leaving you with a system failure and trust us, you don't want that!  With our extensive inspection of all your system's operating components, we can find potential problems before they happen saving you headache and money in the long run.  The following tasks are the main points our technicians complete every visit:

Preventative Maintenance

    • check volts/amps on fan motor
    • flush condensate drain(s)
    • clean condenser coil and inspect for possible cracks/leaks(Spring)
    • check refrigerant levels(Spring and Fall with Heat Pumps)
    • tighten/inspect all electrical connections
    • inspect contactor(s) for burned or pitted contacts
    • test/inspect capacitor(s)
    • inspect fan blade
    • clean evaporator coil and inspect for possible cracks/leaks


  • inspect/clean burners on furnace if applicable(Fall)
  • visually inspect heat exchanger, if evidence of cracking and/or severe wear is present, a scope and Carbon Monoxide sensor will be used(Fall)
    check proper operation of thermostat


We offer residential and commercial Preventative Maintenance plans. They are yearly contracts and we never lock folks in.

  • Residential: 2 visits per year.
  • Commercial: 4 visits per year or more if required. Call us to schedule a site survey.
  • Discount for senior citizens / 65 years and up.(Residential)
  • Discount for families with kids who live at home / under 16 years of age.(Residential)
  • Once you have our preventative maintenance you are entiltled discounts on repairs. It pays for itself.

When you sign up for our service you receive benefits beyond our service program. If you do need a repair, for example, you receive 10% off parts and labor.  We know your system, so if it sounds like a part we stock we will put it on the truck, if its not on already, this saves you more money and down time.







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