HVAC Specials of 2017

UVC Lights Are On Sale! You can find them on Amazon just go and get one, they are great!

Keep up with your MODERN FAMILY

We here at Environmental Heating & Air LOVE the Air Knights from TopTech! We also carry the Air Oasis from HCT!

We recently donated one for the nurses room local County School here in Cary, .

We can't say enough good things about this wonderful product! This technology is used on cruise ships, hospitals, health clinics, and we know they are careful. The heating and a/c business is evolving to a new level with the advent of this product being readily available to the home owner in 2 separate formats.

  1. Just plug it into the wall and set it on High or low Cool
  2. Have Enviro NC located in Cary NC servicing the Raleigh North Carolina area come to your home and install the hard wired version in your HVAC system. Cool

With the start of the fall season, we at Environmental have decided to lower the price on UVC lights.  We can't stress enough the importance of getting a UVC light installed!  Simply put, every HVAC system is a mold factory no matter the brand or size.  This is caused by the condensation that occurs at the cooling coil.  That's why getting on a Preventative Maintenance plan coupled with a UVC light will ensure you're not breathing in harmful virus causing bacteria in your home.  Just give us a call @ 919-535-8422 and we will be glad to give you a quote on installing a new UVC light. It's a quick installation that's worth every penny!!


In Raleigh NC, CaryNC, Apex North Carolina your going to see mold some type, Why when you can use this. We have financing and solutions to your questions


Call 919-535-8422

We here at Enviro strongly recommend looking into our pro-active preventative maintenance plan to keep your A/C system performing at optimal levels during the warmest of months!  Being a risk taker can result in big rewards for some things, but your heating and air conditioning system isn't one of them.

Give us a call today to take advantage of these great specials!!


Plenty of mold here in Raleigh with the humidity , you dont want this you need this!